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Derek Ball was born in Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, studied in Dublin, and now lives in Glasgow. He studied composition at the Royal Irish Academy of Music with A. J. Potter and James Wilson.

Michael Ball was born in Manchester.

Alyson Barber has composed an eclectic variety of pieces, including collaborations for theatre and animated shorts.

Sam Barker was born in Hampshire, England and has lived in Ireland since 1987.

Gerald Barry was born in Ireland in 1952 and after attending University College Dublin went to Amsterdam and later Cologne to continue his studies.

Enda Bates is a composer, musician, producer and academic based in Dublin, Ireland.

Liam Bates is an award winning composer, arranger and conductor of contemporary music for concert performance, ballet, film and television and musical theatre.

Born in Dublin in 1950, Brian Beckett began composing at the age of eight. He studied composition with A. J.

Walter Beckett was born in Dublin. He studied organ and harmony under George Hewson and John F. Larchet at the the Royal Irish Academy of Music. He received his Mus.B in 1936 and his Mus.D.

Derek Bell was born in Belfast and studied composition, piano and oboe at the Royal College of Music in London, where his teachers included Herbert Howells, Norman Greenwood and Lamar Crowson.

Benedict studied with Johann Nepomuk Hummel and Carl Maria von Weber (1821-4), and was active as a conductor at Naples before he settled in London in 1835.

Co. Down-born Ed Bennett’s body of work includes large-scale orchestral works, ensemble pieces, solo works, electronic music, opera, installations and works for dance and film.