Liam Bates

(b. 1965)
Liam Bates


Liam Bates is an award winning composer, arranger and conductor of contemporary music for concert performance, ballet, film and television and musical theatre. His relationship with the ensemble Musici Ireland has produced a steady stream of commissioned pieces. Among these works is the viola concerto Earthrise, which was premiered and later recorded by violist Beth McNinch. Other commissioners have included the London Chamber Orchestra (Elegy), RTÉ with the National Symphony Orchestra (Part of Life), Wexford Sinfonia (Heroes of the Helen Blake), Helen Gaynor (Moth Manoeuvres) and Wexford County Council (Child of Creation).
In 1998, Liam initiated a four-year partnership with choreographers Norman Morris and David Drew. During this period, he created original compositions for them and collaborated with additional choreographers associated with the Royal Ballet Company and Royal Ballet School. Composing for the screen, Liam’s film scores include Let The Wrong One In, Bird Song, Last Passenger (starring Dougray Scott), Earthbound (Rafe Spall and David Morrissey), Ghostwood (Patrick Bergin). and Razor Fish (Brenda Fricker). Other films include music for Showgirls (directed by Paul Verhoeven), Circle of Friends (Chris O’Donnell, Colin Firth and Minnie Driver), Don Juan De Marco (Johnny Depp and Marlon Brando), The Shell Seekers (Vanessa Redgrave) and the romantic comedy Leap Year (Amy Adams). Working with Irish writer Eoin Colter has resulted in the creation of four musical theatre productions, including the celebrated Noël The Christmas Musical.
As an arranger, orchestrator and conductor, Liam has performed and recorded with many artistes including Luciano Pavarotti, Nancy Gustafson, Pete Townsend, Bon Jovi, Meat Loaf, Bryan Adams, Dave Stewart, Michael Kamen and Elliot Goldenthal.