CMC has created a series of graded catalogues of selected works with a comprehensive set of guidelines about each work by curators.

Vocal Music Catalogue

CMC's inaugural Scholar-in-Residence Orla Shannon has curated a vocal catalogue to showcase the breadth of vocal music written by composers from the island of Ireland. The first of its kind, this catalogue aims to offer guidance in finding challenging repertoire for examination, competition or recital. This catalogue's selected repertoire is representative of the vast body of vocal works housed in CMC Ireland.

Choral Music Catalogues

CMC has experienced increased engagement with choral conductors through its catalogue of choral works in recent years. As a result of this interest, CMC invited conductor Anne Barry, composer Rhona Clarke and conductor Desmond Earley to curate three catalogues of selected choral works drawn from our collection.
The catalogues offer guidance to choral directors, teachers and singers in search of new repertoire, with the aim of increasing the performance of choral works written by composers born or based on the island. 

Each of the choral works included in these three catalogues can be purchased online by licensed download, and sample pages of the scores contained in the catalogues are also available on CMC’s website, enabling choral directors to peruse them for programming purposes prior to purchase.

Click here to browse all available choral works in CMC available for download. 

Lower Voices Choral Catalogue

A short catalogue of selected choral works for lower voice is available for downloadPDF iconhere. These works are suggested repertoire choices for lower voice choirs taking part in the City of Derry International Choir Festival.

City of Derry International Choir Festival

Choirs searching for repertoire for City of Derry International Choir Festival can explore selected repertoire here.