CMC Library Ireland Week 2018: 26 November - 2 December

26 November - 2 December celebrates Library Ireland Week, a chance for the public to share in celebrating libraries in our lives – for the places they are, the knowledge and communities they represent, and the people who staff them everyday.

Organised by the Library Association of Ireland, the theme of 2018 Library Ireland Week is ‘Librarians Transforming Lives’. Contemporary Music Centre’s Library is a vibrant and collaborative environment in which composers, performers, researchers, students and interested members of the public can explore the world of contemporary music from Ireland. The library and its library co-ordinator Susan Brodigan play a vital role in the development of a culture that provides a space for collaborative learning, creativity and for developing independent research. CMC Library aims to promote wider reading, listening and exploration of contemporary music from Ireland, inspiring lifelong learning by our users.

During Library Ireland Week CMC takes the opportunity to focus on some of the individual users of our library and archive, exploring the various ways they engage with the library and archive.

Seán Doherty

Seán is a composer, performer, musicologist and Assistant Professor of Music in DCU. In this short video Seán speaks about the importance of the CMC Library in every aspect of his career, and his development as a composer.

Tim Diovanni

Tim Diovanni is a postgraduate student, studying at DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama. He is studying the music of Donnacha Dennehy and Jennifer Walshe, focusing on the area of 'trauma and gaps in Irish history'. In this short audio feature, Tim describes his research so far, and the value of the scores and recordings available in CMC's library to his studies.

Orla Shannon

Orla Shannon is a second year PhD student from Dublin City University, and is funded by the Irish Research Council. Orla’s research explores the area of gender equality in the area of twentieth century Art Music, and through this research has used CMC Library to source many primary resources such as scores, audio recordings, previous research and theses, books, journals and ephemera.

CMC’s pilot Scholar-in-Residence programme launched in September 2018, with Orla undertaking this role for the first time. As part of this programme Orla will engage in her research in residence in CMC on a regular basis, and will share aspects of her research through features on CMC’s website.

Read more about the Scholar-in-Residence programme and Orla's research.

Ailís Ní Riain

Composer Ailís Ní Riain is interested in producing works which challenge, provoke and engage. She is particularly interested in cross-discipline collaboration, music in the public realm, music-theatre, sound installation and presenting contemporary music in diverse spaces. Ailís has engaged with Contemporary Music Centre's library since she was an undergraduate student in University College Cork. Here she discusses the supports available from CMC's Library throughout her career.

Niall Kinsella

Niall Kinsella is a pianist, accompanist and vocal coach, with a strong interest in Irish Art music. He regularly consults the CMC library when exploring new works or through programming concerts. In this written piece for CMC he discusses the key role CMC's Library plays when embarking on a new project or exploring a lesser-known area of music from Ireland.