Crash Ensemble: Free State III

FREE STATE III: Crash Ensemble to premiere new Irish music

Multimedia preview ofFree State III, a concert of new Irish music presented by the Crash Ensemble on 27 November 2008 in O'Reilly Theatre, Dublin, including interviews with John Godfrey (composer and guitarist with the ensemble), Frances Mitchell (Crash Manager and CEO) and the featured composers.

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  • Upcoming Free State concert
  • John Godfrey's piece The Abstract Despotisms of Calculus and his involvement with the ensemble as a performer
  • The ensemble's dedication to performing and commissioning new Irish music
  • The growing audience for new music in Ireland
  • Future projects

Music excerpts used:

0:20 Junk Box Fraud, Donnacha Dennehy [Crash Ensemble] ©NMC
6:28 for David Adams, John Godfrey [David Adams (org)] ©All Write Music
13:25 Trio Scordatura, Peter Moran [Chimera Ensemble] ©Peter Moran
16:30 Apollo and Marsyas, Kevin O'Connell [Sylvia O'Brien (S-solo), Martin Higgins (Bar-solo), Crash Ensemble, conductor Fergus Sheil] ©Kevin O'Connell
23:30    music for roger casement, Andrew Hamilton [Ives Ensemble] ©Andrew Hamilton

Free State III is the Crash Ensemble's third annual showcase of new music from Ireland.

The concert, which takes place at O'Reilly Theatre, Dublin on 27 November at 8 pm, is part of a two-concert celebration of Irish and UK new music and features several exciting new works from a diverse selection of Irish composers, including three world premieres (Yes Variations by Andrew HamiltonThe Abstract Despotisms of Calculus by John Godfrey and our headlights blew softly into the black, illuminating very little by Jonathan Nangle); an Irish premiere of a new piece by John McLachlan which was recently premiered at the Musica Viva festival in Portugal; and works selected from the Crash Ensemble's open call for works from two up-and-coming young Irish composers -- Sean Clancy (Whisper, Whisper, Whisper) and Peter Moran (A Casual Analysis of Prose Rhythms).

Crash Ensemble has developed an international reputation for its repertoire and interpretations of cutting-edge music. As well as regular concerts in Ireland, Crash has also performed in the UK, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Canada and the USA, and has featured in radio broadcasts in all of those countries.

For further details on the concert please see www.crashensemble.comor visit for tickets.

John Godfrey and Frances Mitchell were interviewed on video by Niamh Heery at the The Parlour, O'Reilly Theatre, Dublin, on 30 October 2008.

The views expressed in this interview are those of the persons concerned and are not necessarily those of the Contemporary Music Centre.

Additional Interviews - 
Interview with Andrew Hamilton 

Interview with Peter Moran:

Interview with Sean Clancy:

Interview with Jonathan Nangle: