CMC Culture Night 2016

Culture Night at CMC took place on Friday, 16 September, and saw composers Jennifer Walshe, Nick Roth & Panos Ghikas present an exciting programme of new music with live performance, film screenings and talks surrounding Walshe’s fascinating Aisteach project, a fictional history of the Irish avant garde. Live improvisatory performances by all three composers incorporating a myriad of not so traditional instruments and electronics accompanied a projection of the film AN GLÉACHT, based on the creative output of Caoimhín Breathnach, a fictional character of the Irish avant-garde. This was preceded by a fascinating talk explaining the project’s whole concept by Walshe, interspersed with other live performances from all three artists, inspired by the avant-garde characters created by Walshe and her characters.

The CMC library was at full capacity for the entire night, a testament to Jennifer, Panos and Nick’s awe-inspiring ability the to capture the imagination of the audience with their lively, engaging performance dynamic.

CMC would like to take this opportunity to thank Jennifer Walshe, Nick Roth and Panos Ghikas for all the hard work, time and energy they put into creating a very special evening of contemporary music.

If you missed the event you can see a video of part of the performance below recorded on the night.