Árd Fhearta

Date Composed
2 ob 2 cl 2 bn 2 hn 2 tpt 2 trb tuba bronze-age hn live electronics [keyboard-controlled sampler]
Electro-acoustic and mixed media
Large ensemble and electronics
Mixed combinations
21 min
Commissioned By
Dúchas, The Heritage Service of the Department of Arts, Heritage, Gaeltacht, and the Islands to celebrate the second phase of the conservation and consolidation of Ardfert Cathedral, Co. Kerry, in 2000 A.D.
Premiere Information
18 May 2001. St Brendan's Cathedral, Ardfert, Co. Kerry.
Síle Daly (ob), Rebecca Halliday (ob), Conor Sheil (cl), Deirdre O'Leary (cl), Hilary Macken (bn), Peter Whelan (bn), Fergal Ó Cheallcháin (bn), Declan McCarthy (hn), Colm Daly (tpt), Eamonn Nolan (tpt), Gavin Roche (trb), Karl Ronan (trb), Conor O'Riordan (tuba), Simon O'Dwyer (Bronze age hn), David Brophy (keyboard-controlled sampler), conductor Fergus Johnston.

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