Fergus Johnston

(b. 1959)
Fergus Johnston
Eugene Langan

The underlying principle behind most of my recent instrumental music is the process of change: things accumulate, piling up (often at different speeds), reaching a threshold, and then suddenly the horizon shifts, the landscape changes, and everything is different. My vocal works, by contrast, tend to be more inwardly directed: static rather than dynamic; reflections on the text, rather than illustrations of it.

Fergus Johnston was born in Dublin and is a music graduate of Trinity College Dublin. He studied composition with James Wilson at the Royal Irish Academy of Music and later privately with the English composer Robert Hanson. While his output is mostly instrumental, he has recently ventured into the area of computer-assisted music having taken a Masters in Music and Media Technology in Trinity College Dublin. He is a recipient of the 1989 New Music for Sligo Composition Prize and the 1989 Macaulay Fellowship. He is a member of Aosdána, Ireland's state-sponsored academy of creative artists.