Recordings and photos from CMC's October Salon

CMC's October Salon featured a programme of works by Eric Sweeney, Matthew Whiteside, Ailís Ní Ríain, Jonathan Nangle and Deirdre McKay performed by Gavin Brennan (saxophone), Aileen Cahill (piano), Adrian Mantu (cello) and Andreea Banciu (viola). The 2016 series is curated by Linda Buckley and this Salon was guest hosted by Jonathan Nangle. Here are some of the recordings and photos from the event. Recordings by Darby Carroll.

Eric Sweeney - Three Pieces

Jonathan Nangle

Gavin Brennan, premiering Jonathan Nangle's 'Artificial Blissful State' 

Gavin Brennan and Aileen Cahill

Adrian Mantu