Interview with Peter Moran, Dylan Rynhart and Donal Sarsfield (Part Two)

Emerging Composers 2: Interview

The second episode of a two-part series recorded at the Science Gallery, Dublin, in which three emerging Irish composers, Peter MoranDylan Rynhart and Donal Sarsfield, talk to Bob Gilmore about a range of issues related to composition today.

Listen to the full podcast here (part 2):

  • The future of new music
  • The blurring of lines between genres in music today
  • The democratic nature of new media distribution
  • The use of improvisation when composing
  • The sense of excitement in the Irish new music scene

Music excerpts used:

0:00  Kitchey Shlock (Maria Leach [asax], Amy Wray [ssax], Jin Theriault [tsax], Tim Twomey [barsax]) © Dylan Rynhart
4:16 Western Canteen Peter Moran (Laura Barber [vn], India Bourne [vc], Dan Chadwick [trb], Tom Langrish [trb], Gamelan Sekar Petak) © Peter Moran
9:26 Banff 27M Donal Sarsfield (Jin Theriault [asax], Tim Twomey [tsax], Ben Gait [hn], Jack MacKenzie [bcl]) © Donal Sarsfield
15:36 Happy New Year Dylan Rynhart (Fuzzy Logic) © New Hat
24:06 DECAphonic Peter Moran (Sounds Underground) © Peter Moran

Peter Moran, Dylan Rynhart and Donal Sarsfield were interviewed on video by Bob Gilmore in the Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin, on 12 May 2008.

CMC would like to thank the staff of the Science Gallery for the use of their cafe to record the interview.

The views expressed in this interview are those of the persons concerned and are not necessarily those of the Contemporary Music Centre.