Deirdre Gribbin on her work, 'Hearing your Genes Evolve'

Photo of Deirdre Gribbin with her son, Ethan (photographer William Suarez)

Ahead of a performance of Deirdre Gribbin’s string quartet, Hearing your Genes Evolve at the opening concert of Moving on Music’s 2019 Night Music series on 14 February, the composer speaks to CMC about the work, which came about as a result of a year-long collaboration in 2014 with geneticist Dr Sarah Teichmann.

I've always been interested in the idea that composition isn't just for the concert hall. 

Based on DNA patterns from the 1000 Genomes project, Hearing your Genes Evolve, aims to demystify the scientific principles behind genetics and make them more meaningful to a wider audience.

The performance on 14 February will also include a presentation by both Deirdre Gribbin and Sarah Teichmann, followed by an interactive Q&A session led by Evonne Ferguson, Director, Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland.