Night Music 1 featuring Deirdre Gribbin

14 February 2019 20:00

Sonic Arts Research Centre

Benyounes Quartet

Hearing Your Genes Evolve.

As part of the NI Science Festival
Composer Deirdre Gribbin and geneticist Dr Sarah Teichmann’s year-long collaboration at the MRC Laboratory for Molecular Biology in Cambridge resulted in the creation of a string quartet, Hearing Your Genes Evolve. In this opening Night Music for 2019, the audience will enjoy a unique insight into this new work, with a presentation from both Deirdre Gribbin and Dr Sarah Teichmann, followed by an interactive Q&A session led by Evonne Ferguson, Director, Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland. 
A central aim of their work together was to demystify the scientific principles behind genetics and make them more meaningful to a wider audience. Through music, Gribbin used fragments of DNA patterns from the 1000 Genomes project. She created a number of musical dialogues between the four instruments in the quartet, which represented variations in how the genetic code transforms and modifies as the components change. This unique interplay created a new form of dialogue between music, science and audience, illuminating an understanding of the ever-changing nature of what makes us.
This is the first concert in the Night Music Chamber series presented by Moving on Music and Belfast Music Society, in partnership with the NI Science Festival.
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Hear an interview with the composer about the work here

Sonic Arts Research Centre

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