CMC Salon - Xenia Pestova Bennett (piano)

CMC Salon - Xenia Pestova Bennett

Pianist Xenia Pestova Bennett performs a programme of piano and toy piano miniatures. Presented by CMC Director Evonne Ferguson, the online event includes conversations with the composers and performer about the pieces.

Jane O’Leary - A Palette of Preludes (2015): III. Playful
Deirdre McKay - The Moon (2005)
Fergal Dowling - Mixed Synthetic Fabrics for piano and live electronics (2018): V. Expands
Ailis Ni Riain - Anomaly (2019) *
Ed Bennett - The Space Between (2019)
Ailis Ni Riain - Soberado (2017) *
Xenia Pestova Bennett - Frogs and Insects, a Postcard for Rolf (2020) 
Ed Bennett - Spirals (2017)

*toy piano