CMC Library Week: Curious about Contemporary Music podcast

Curious about Contemporary Music: Library Week special by CMCIreland

Curious about Contemporary Music from Ireland?

Listen to CMC's special podcast for Library Week 'Curious about Contemporary Music?'

We explore the challenges and issues that arise in the documenting and preserving  of contemporary music, both for music libraries & archives like us, the Contemporary Music Centre and for the artists we represent, as together we work to ensure that the complete picture of the landscape of contemporary music from Ireland is captured for future generations. We are the unique generation that need to tackle the issue of moving from physical preservation to digital preservation - how do we effectively capture and represent a composer’s work in a digital medium?

We invited three composers represented by Contemporary Music Centre to chat to director Evonne Ferguson on this subject: Roger Doyle, the founding father of the Irish electronic music scene; Anna Murray, composer, assistant editor of Journal of Music, secretary of Association of Irish Composers’ Committee and manager of Quiet Music Ensemble; and Brian Bridges, composer and Research Director (Music, Drama, Dance and the Performing Arts) at Ulster University. Produced by Brian Connolly, this podcast discusses some of the challenges, concerns and possibilites in the area of digital preservation today.

Music included: Roger Doyle's Chalant from Time Machine