amplify podcast, episode 1: Amanda Feery

In the first episode of CMC's new fortnightly podcast, Evonne Ferguson and Jonathan Grimes talk with composer Amanda Feery about her recent work at the Dublin Fringe Festival, writing for symphonic wind band, making a living as a composer in Dublin and the worsening economic conditions for artists living in the capital, and why she chose to move back to Ireland from the US. Recorded in CMC in October 2019.

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Recording and production - Keith Fennell
Editing - Jonathan Grimes

Show Notes 

Amanda Feery


Nine Weeks–1.4016197

Ball State Symphony Band

Heartworm (clip)

Irish National Opera Studio

Evangelia Rigaki - This Hostel Life

Stephen McNeff - Banished–50368700138

Donnacha Dennehy - Second Violinist

New Music Dublin–2019