13 Vices: Interview with Brian Irvine and Jennifer Walshe

13 Vices: interview with Brian Irvine and Jennifer Walshe by CMCIreland

Composers Brian Irvine and Jennifer Walshe talk about their collaboration on the project, '13 Vices', a work for ensemble, improvisers, conductor and voice inspired in part by Mihail Chemiakin’s Children are the victims of adult vices, a series of grotesque sculptures located in a park in Bolotnaya Square, Balchug, 800 metres south of the Kremlin in Moscow.

Presented by Moving on Music, the work was premiered in Belfast on 8 April 2015, and toured tour to Derry on 9 April, Drogheda on 10 April, Dublin on 11 April and London on 12 April.

Performers were Jennifer Walshe (voice), Brian Irvine (conduction), the strings of the Red Note Ensemble (violin, viola, cello), Paul Dunmall (saxophone), Paul Rogers (double bass) and Mark Saunders (percussion).