Hard Rain SoloistEnsemble Ink Still Wet VI featuring world premieres by Gráinne Mulvey, Amy Rooney & Ian Wilson

27 January 2023 19:30

Harty Room, Queen’s University

As is now tradition, Hard Rain SoloistEnsemble presents its annual programme of brand-new works in a concert supported by the PRSf Talent Development Partnership (TDP). The evening will feature three newly commissioned pieces from early career composers Samuel Kane, Matthew Dowie and Aidan Maclean created as part of Hard Rain's TDP Programme.

Composers Amy Rooney and Ian Wilson are regular Hard Rain collaborators and on this occasion, Hard Rain will showcase two brand new works featuring their woodwind players. Ian’s work showcases Sarah Watts wielding her contrabass clarinet within the context of the ensemble, while Amy’s solo flute work was written especially for flautist Aisling Agnew. Both works were made possible with funding from the ACNI Creative Individuals Recovery Programme. Gráinne Mulvey is no stranger to the ensemble either and Hard Rain are delighted to offer the premiere of her Strange Attractors here.

David McCann, the ensemble’s dynamic cellist, will perform a new work, his Reflexion for solo cello. 

Bringing new music to the fore is Hard Rain's raison d’être and this concert features no less than eight premiere performances.


ESTAVROSAN (2022) Sungji Hong (1973) flute, bass clarinet, violin, violoncello & piano (Irish Premiere)

WHAT LIES BEYOND** (2022) Samuel Kane (1999) flute, violin & violoncello (World Premiere)

IN MODO DE MARTHA* (2022) Amy Rooney (1983) solo flute (World Premiere)

FOLLOW THE THREAD** (2022) Matthew Dowie (1992) flute, clarinet & violoncello (World Premiere)

REFLEXION (2022) David McCann (2022) solo violoncello (World Premiere)

GROWTH** (2022) Aidan Maclean (2003) flute & violoncello (World Premiere)

STRANGE ATTRACTORS (2020) Gráinne Mulvey (1966) flute, bass clarinet & piano (World Premiere)

MARIANAS* (2022) Ian Wilson (1965) flute, contrabass clarinet, violin, violoncello & piano (World Premiere)


*Commissioned with funding from ACNI & Dept. of Communities Creative Individuals Recovery Programme

**Commissioned with funding from the PRSf Talent Development Partnership 


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Harty Room, Queen’s University

Co. Antrim
Northern Ireland

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