Roger Doyle's first opera runs from 28 October to 5 November

Heresy is a new opera from Roger Doyle and Director Eric Fraad. Describes as a contemporary electronic opera, the work is based on episodes from the life and works of Giordano Bruno with a libretto by Jocelyn Clarke. The opera is produced by Meta Productions and will run from 28 October to 5 November at the Project Arts Centre, Dublin. From Meta Productions web site:

Mystic magus, heretic priest, hermetic philosopher, spy and playwright, Giordano Bruno was one of the renaissance’s most brilliant and controversial figures. Burned at the stake in 1600 after a nine-year trial by the Roman inquisition, Bruno envisioned a cosmos without a centre, infinite galaxies and inhabited planets. His writings prefigured quantum theory by 350 years and influenced numerous works by Shakespeare, Molière and James Joyce for whom Bruno remained a lifelong hero.

A martyr for truth and tragic hero, a complex visionary who challenged the intellectual, religious, and social conventions of his time and re-imagined the composition of the universe, Bruno is the ideal subject for opera. A cultural superstar in his own time, Bruno’s importance and relevance has grown over the centuries as his speculations and predictions have come to pass and he and his philosophy achieved cult status.

The cast includes Aimee BanksCaitriona O’LearyDaire Halpin, Jack Walsh, Morgan Crowley, and Robert Crowe. The opera is presented by the Project Arts Centre as part of Project 50, a season of events celebrating the Project's 50 years.

CMC spoke to Roger Doyle and Eric Fraad during the development phase of the opera back in 2013, when it was formerly called The Death By Fire Of Giordano Bruno.

Booking is from the Project Arts Centre.