Ailís Ní Riaín selected for Centre Culturel Irlandais composer residency

UK-based Irish composer Ailís Ní Riaín has been selected for a residency at the Centre Culturel Irlandais.

The composer residency, in association with CMC, is part of the CCI’s annual residency programme and will enable the composer to spend time at the centre on a number of composition projects during 2017.

The partnership between CMC and CCI for this composer residency was established in 2015. Greg Caffrey was the first recipient and spent the month of January 2016 at the centre. Evonne Ferguson, Director of CMC:

The partnership with the Centre Culturel Irlandais in Paris is to enable a specific composer residency at the centre for composers represented by CMC. Now in its second year, this is an important residency for Irish composers which offers the opportunity not only to engage with the cultural richness of Paris but to have the time needed to develop creative ideas.

Centre Culturel Irlandais’ annual residency programme offers great opportunities for artists of all disciplines to tap into the resources of the CCI and Paris, as well as being an important means of showcasing Ireland’s dynamic contemporary culture on an international stage.

CMC spoke to Ailís Ní Riaín about the residency:

There are relatively few residency opportunities for composers around this part of Europe. In this case, to be selected by the CMC as an Irish composer to spend time in Paris at the Irish Cultural Centre is really super, and important to me.

I’ll be looking at new music for a trio, which will be semi-improvised. This is new for me, I’ve never really worked in improvisation before as a composer.

Listen to more from Ailís Ní Riaín below:

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