Date Composed
S-solo, t-solo, ct-solo, bar-solo, b-solo, speaker, SATB 1111 3010 perc hrp str
Vocal and choral
Voices, mixed choir, children's choir, symphony orchestra and speaker
1 hour 36 min
Commissioned By
The Everyman
Premiere Information
27 July 2022, Cork Opera House, Ireland
Cast: Kim Sheehan, Majella Cullagh, Jung Soo Yun, Julian Tovey, Joe Corbett, Simon Morgan, Viktor Priebe, Emma Nash, Justine Viani, Annie Gill, Gráinne Gillis, Ross Scanlon, Ben Thapa, Owen Gilhooly and Will Frost; and Patrick Lynch, Patrick Nolan, Sarah Ryan, Gavin McEntee, Liv Amerie Gregorio and Karen Underwood With the Cork Opera House Concert Orchestra and Chorus. Creative Team: Conductor: Conor Palliser Director: John O’Brien Set Design: Alyson Cummins Costume Design: Sinéad Cuthbert Lighting Design: Stephen Dodd Movement Director: Eddie Kay Associate Director: Éadaoin O’Donoghue Sound Design: Paul Ashe-Browne Hair & Make-up Design: Maeve Readman

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