Video Premiere: Finola Merivale's 'oblivious/oblivion' performed by Pathos Trio

oblivious/oblivion is a new work by CMC Composer Finola Merivale written for Pathos trio and recorded by Grammy-nominated film company Four/Ten Media as part of the larger project, When Dark Sounds Collide: New Works for Percussion and Piano.

The work is a response to the threat of climate change, the composer writes:

The terror of climate change is preoccupying so many of my thoughts, and is therefore the focus of most of my current music. I am devastated at the loss of life that is occurring daily – humans and other species. I am angry at how little is still being done. Too many people are still oblivious, as our beautiful planet sinks into oblivion.

Pathos Trio (percussionists Marcelina Suchocka, Felix Reyes, and pianist/composer Alan Hankers) is a two percussion and piano trio committed to combining aesthetics of contemporary classical music with their interests in dark, heavy, dense sounds drawn from various genres of music such as alternative rock, progressive/black metal, cathedral music, minimalist music, electronic synth-wave, and more, while also aiming to bring adventurous music to audiences through collaborations with young, living new music composers.

When Dark Sounds Collide: New Music for Percussion and Piano is a collaborative project that has spanned over 2 years between Pathos Trio, and composers Alyssa Weinberg, Alison Yun-Fei Jiang, Alan Hankers, Finola Merivale and Evan Chapman, presenting newly-commissioned works for two percussionists and piano in the form of a full length LP, released on 18th March 2022, with accompanying music videos produced by Four/Ten Media. 

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