OurTunes 2015

OurTunes - A weekend in eight colours - is a boutique festival for children aged 5-10 years curated by Adrian Mantu. The project took place in CMC as part of the MusicTown festival in April 2015. Here are a selection of videos taken from the weekend. More on the OurTunes project here.

Greg Caffrey's 'Two Little Minaitures' performed by Gavin Brennan 

OurTunes: Gavin Brennan performs Greg Caffrey's 'Two Little Miniatures'

Elwood Guitar Quartet peform Martin O'Leary's 'Blue Piece'

OurTunes: Elwood Guitar Quartet perform Martin O'Leary's 'Blue Piece'

Anne-Marie O'Farrell's 'In Mary's Eyes' performed by Adrian Mantu

OurTunes: Adrian Mantu performs Anne-Marie O'Farrell's 'In Mary's Eye'