Interview with Nick Roth

Interview with Nick Roth

I see music as a means of coming to know the world.

- Nick Roth

Nick Roth talks to CMC about his Second Quintet, for accordion and string quartet. The work, based on the ezan (call to prayer) as heard between the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia in Sultanahmet Meydanı, Istanbul was commissioned by 20th Sligo International Chamber Music Festival, supported by Sligo Co. Council’s Creative Ireland Programme, for Dermot Dunne and the Vogler Quartet.

The composer talks about the genesis of the work, its relationship to his First Quintet, a work for bass clarinet and string quartet from 2010, and his compositional approach.

One thing that I think is fundamental to my compositional process is that idea of experience - things that actually happen, that you do.

The work is premiered in St. Columba’s church, Drumcliffe on 6 May 2019.