An Interview with John Wolf Brennan

Composer of the Month December 2008: John Wolf Brennan

John Wolf Brennan talks to Michael Quinn about being an Irish composer in Switzerland, his compositional methods, his work as a performer, composer and teacher, and other educational and compositional projects.

  • Living as an Irish composer in Switzerland
  • Early musical and family life
  • Compositional methods
  • Research into Helvetian and Celtic cultures
  • Jazz performance
  • Opera
  • Teaching piano and his series of books for piano
  • Upcoming compositional projects

Music used:

0:20 O pen to be John Wolf Brennan [John Wolf Brennan (pf)] © Creative Works Records
4:17 Omega John Wolf Brennan [John Wolf Brennan (pf+electronics)] © Creative Works Records
8:49 Suonatina John Wolf Brennan [Pago Libre] © TCB
17:08 Theta John Wolf Brennan [John Wolf Brennan (pf)] © Creative Works Records
24:15 Phoenix: Rising John Wolf Brennan [Pago Libre] © Leo Records
35:45 Synopsis John Wolf Brennan [Pago Libre] © TCB

John Wolf Brennan was interviewed on video by Michael Quinn in the Contemporary Music Centre, Dublin, on 9 October 2008.

The views expressed in this interview are those of the persons concerned and are not necessarily the views of the Contemporary Music Centre.

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