Cross Currents Radio Series: Audio Shorts

Cross Currents is a landmark three-part music documentary series, narrated by award-winning actor Barry McGovern, exploring contemporary Irish composers and their work. Produced by Athena Media in association with the Contemporary Music Centre and RTÉ lyric fm, the last 50 years have seen Irish composition flourish as young Irish composers look to Europe and beyond to re-imagine an Irish identity in music, paralleling many of the societal and economic shifts in post-de Valera Ireland.
The series will be broadcast on RTÉ lyric fm at 7pm on Friday 9, 16 and 23 September.
As part of the series, a number of audio shorts for some of the featured composers have been produced and are available to listen to below.
Cross Currents is an Athena Media production for RTÉ Lyric fm made with the funding support of the BAI and the TV licence fee in partnership with the Contemporary Music Centre.
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