Composer Lab workshop - audio feature

Composer Lab is a new pilot initiative developed by the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra and the Contemporary Music Centre aimed at emerging composers who have had their work performed professionally but who have not yet had the chance to work with a symphony orchestra.

David Fennessy and Eric Skytterholm Egan 
Ahead of the concert performance of completed works on 16 May, Amanda Feery, Eric Skytterholm Egan and Scott McLaughlin's works were given a workshop with composer mentor David Fennessy, conductor Gavin Maloney and the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra on 5 April. The workshop took place at the National Concert Hall in front of an audience, and the composers were each given time to hear their pieces played by the orchestra, and to answer questions and receive feedback on what they had written. 
Amanda Feery on the experience:
It's been so helpful to be able to stand back and listen and then tweak what you want to listen to - there's been plenty of time to do that.

Amanda Feery, Eric Skytterholm Egan, David Fennessy and Scott McLaughlin
You're always a bit nervous about this kind of thing because you're never 100% sure about how things will work before you hear them, but it was a very positive experience
Eric Skytterholm Egan.
Listen to more from Amanda Feery, Eric Skytterholm Egan and Scott McLaughlin, as well as David Fennessy and Elaine Clark, leader of the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra below:

Composer Lab workshop by CMCIreland

Interviews and audio editing by Mike Glennon. Photos RTÉ Performing Groups.