AIC Project Evolution

AIC's Project Evolution: 'Little Overture' by Kevin O'Connell

A performance of Kevin O'Connell's Little Overture, performed as part of the Association of Irish Composers' Project Evolution series at the Hugh Lane Gallery on 12 January 2014.

The mentoring scheme Project Evolution was run in 2013/14 by the Association of Irish Composers (AIC). The scheme involved selected member composers of the Irish Composers' Collective (ICC) paired with composers from an AIC panel, and had the aim of assisting in the transformation of artists' practical experience and understanding, and to help the general public see into that process.

The project resulted in a series of concerts in January 2014 where each of the pieces composed by the composers involved were performed at Dublin City Gallery, The Hugh Lane.

Kevin O'Connell's Little Overture was performed in a concert on 12 January 2014 which also included new works from ICC members Sean Doherty and Ryan Molloy, and AIC members John McLachlan and Gráinne Mulvey. The performers were Susan Doyle (flute), Paul Roe (clarinet), Ryan Molloy (piano) and Adrian Mantu (cello).