RAMP Concert #1: The Totally Made Up Orchestra led by Amanda Koser-Gillespie

13 July 2024 14:00

St Joseph's Church, Rathmullan

* Note - This is the final performance of the Totally Made Up Orchestra. Musicians of all levels and all ages are welcome to sign up for the preparatory workshop on 8th July in Letterkenny. More information can be found on the festival webpage here.

Brian Irvine’s unique musical world combines the known and the unknown, the free and the fixed, the schooled and the unschooled. He is driven by a single desire to connect, disrupt, reinvent and re-imagine all aspects of life, people, society, art and understanding in any and as many ways possible. His huge output includes operas, film scores, large scale oratorios, orchestral, ensemble, chamber, solo and dance works as well as games and installations. Often combining and layering diverse, experimental and opposing elements his music has been commissioned, broadcast and performed all over the world by a vast array of performers and organisations.

Amanda Koser-Gillespie is a music educator, ethnomusicologist, professional multi-instrumentalist, and community music leadership facilitation trainer. She regularly performs as a member of several ensembles such as the Seeger Sessions Revival Band, Basork, the Hellas Ensemble and The Resonance Trio. Based in Derry, Northern Ireland, she is the founder of Second Line NI, a community jazz performance charity creating new models of shared music in shared spaces. As the facilitator for Music Bridge, a community music and training project based in Derry, she focuses her workshops on social problems and mental health awareness, all of which ensures that empathy and open communication are at the core of her work.

RAMP is grateful for the backing of its supporters and funders including Earagail Arts Festival, Contemporary Music Centre and Rathmullan The Way Forward.


€5. Booking here.


St Joseph's Church, Rathmullan

Chapel Rd, Rathmullan, Co. Donegal

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