TAKT Konzert Saison: The Body That Breathes

18 April 2024 20:00

Brick 15

The Body That Breathes - Installation performance for deaf and hearing viewers.

Jane Hackett, violin and artistic director

Olivier Dietrich, circus performance

Nika Bauman, flute and performance

Experience "The Body That Breathes" - an innovative installation performance that utilizes physicality, movement and vibrational engagement to create an immersive multi-sensory event for both deaf and hearing audiences. Renowned violinist and conceptual artist Jane Hackett draws inspiration from the Fluxus movement and contemporary Irish/Irish-based artists such as Natasha Bourke, Andy Ingamells and George Higgs. Premiering a newly commissioned work by Irish deaf composer Ailís Ní Ríain, Hackett collaborates with circus artist Olivier Dietrich to seamlessly combine vibrations with performative installations, the physical translation of music and tactile engagement, transforming the auditory experience into an immersive sensory journey.

Originally developed and performed alongside the Dublin Theater of the Deaf and artists in Ireland, with support from the Arts Council of Ireland, this pioneering work aims to create a shared creative space where both hearing and deaf artists connect with music. Jane Hackett remains committed to pushing the boundaries of musical accessibility and promoting inclusive practices, creating new avenues of dialogue and inclusion for deaf audiences.


€15/30. Booking available on Eventbrite.


Brick 15

21 Herklotzgasse 1150

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