Sundays at Noon: Kirkos Ensemble + Day Magee

29 October 2023 12:00

Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery of Modern Art

Sundays at Noon concert series and Kirkos Ensemble present: Kirkos Ensemble/Day Magee

Commissioned by Sundays at Noon and the Hugh Lane Gallery, the premiere of work by Visual/Sonic artist Day Magee, Keep Up , performed by Kirkos Ensemble featuring complimentary works from the era in response to the Andy Warhol exhibition ‘Andy Warhol, Three Times Out’ at the Hugh Lane Gallery October – January 2023/4.

Kirkos Ensemble artists: Lina Andonovska -flute; Sebastian Adams -various; Robert Coleman -electronics; Yseult Cooper Stockdale -cello; Andy Ingamells -various

Special guests: Day Magee, Robbie Blake

Day Magee- voice/performance

In “Keep Up”, Magee adapts Kim Kardashian’s September 2022 interview with Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine following her appropriation of Marilyn Monroe’s clothing as a speculative score for an oratory performance. Having internalised the parasocial surveillance culture of reality television, Kardashian surrenders her life data as a pop cultural product to be consumed and memetically reproduced via other bodies, reflecting the surveillant ways in which we live and embody our own personae. Here, Magee interpolates her answers as an absurdist monologue, experimenting with the material cadence, tonalities, and rhythms of speech, enacting a memetic variation of this emergent media entity.


Tickets are free, booking available on Eventbrite from 23 October at 10am.


Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery of Modern Art

Charlemont House, Parnell Square
Dublin 1

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