hcmf//: Beginner's Guide to Slow Travel

21 November 2023 22:00

Bates Mill Blending Shed

Image: Photo licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license, owned by Wikipedia user Irishferries.

How can we craft new ways to navigate the world as the tangible impact of anthropogenic climate change accelerates? One of the huge challenges for music will be adapting to a world where air travel no longer seems justifiable. Dublin-based new music group Kirkos have taken the logistics of their slow travel to Huddersfield, with the extra time, expense and change of internal rhythm it necessitates, as a starting point for this new devised piece. From there, the adventurous experimentalists leap into a sonic and spatial exploration of collecting and reusing, rest, energy transfer, interspecies entanglement and collective grief.

Additional elements of this piece, including artistic documentation of the journey to the festival, will gradually become available at www.kirkosensemble.com/beginners-guide in the lead-up to the festival.

Produced by hcmf// as part of The Current Climate; supported by Culture Ireland and PRS Foundation Beyond Borders.

Commissioned by New Music Dublin, sound and hcmf//.

Kirkos is funded through Arts Council of Ireland Arts Grant Funding and supported by Dublin City Council.


Kirkos Ensemble - Beginner’s Guide To Slow Travel (2023) 60’ World Premiere

A devised piece composed collaboratively by Sebastian Adams (1991), Robert Coleman (1989), Yseult Cooper Stockdale (1991), Jane Hackett (1991), Hannah Miller (1994) & Joan Somers Donnelly (1991).


Tickets £16 // Concession £12 // Under 30 £5
Advance booking required via hcmf website.


Bates Mill Blending Shed

Colne Road

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