Ulysses Journey 2022: Screening at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival

18 November 2022 16:00 - 27 November 2022 16:00

DAI Hall

An illustration in sea blue, black and white, of Joyce's tower in Sandycove, Dublin, with the rocky coast and the sea in the foreground. Ulysses Journey 2022 is written in large 1920's style type.

Presented by the Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland & Centre Culturel Irlandais.

As part of Ulysses Journey 2022 celebrating the 100th anniversary of the publication of Ulysses by James Joyce, Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland and Centre Culturel Irlandais co-commissioned six new works by composers from Ireland, which are inspired by, reflect on and/or respond to Ulysses, together with films by filmmakers from Ireland to accompany these new works. Following an open call, composers Ed Bennett, Darragh Kelly, Garth Knox, Anselm McDonnell, Ailís Ní Ríain and Ultan O’Brien were selected to compose new works for accordion, spoken word and/or electronics and to collaborate with filmmakers Jonathan Creasy (Knox), Rioghnach Ni Ghrioghair (Kelly), Laura Sheeran (Bennett) and Ross Wilson BEM/Art Ward (McDonnell) to create visual landscapes for their new music. Both Ailís Ní Ríain and Ultan O’Brien have created films to accompany their own compositions.

These new music and film works are supported by the Irish Government through the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Decade of Centenaries 2012-2023 programme; New Music Dublin 2022; and One Dublin One Book 2022.

The screening at hcmf// will be launched at DAI Hall on Friday 18 November at 4pm featuring a short talk on the Ulysses Journey 2022 film programme delivered by Dr. Stephen Graham, Head of the School of Arts and Humanities and Senior Lecturer in Music at Goldsmiths University.

Screenings will then run throughout the hcmf// festival, from 11am - 4pm, from 19 November to 27 November.


Luminary Reflection by composer Ed Bennett and filmmaker Laura Sheeran 

Performers: Dermot Dunne (accordion), Thomas Bennett (spoken word), Ed Bennett (electronics), Stephanie Dufresne (dancer) 

Penelope by composer Darragh Kelly and filmmaker Rioghnach Ní Ghrioghair 

Performers: Dermot Dunne (accordion), Hannah Mamalis (spoken word)

Luteofulvous Ebullition : the qualities of water by composer Garth Knox and filmmaker Jonathan C. Creasy  

Performers: Dermot Dunne (accordion), Barry McGovern (spoken word)

Water sounds by Garth Knox and Carol Robinson

Pollen, Blood, and Seaspray by composer Anselm McDonnell (with poetry by Euan Tait) and filmmakers Ross Wilson BEM, Art Ward

Performers: Dermot Dunne (accordion), Nicole Rourke (spoken word), Anselm McDonnell (electronics)

I will see if I can see [Feicfidh mé má thig liom feicsin] by composer filmmaker Ailís Ní Ríain 

Performers: Dermot Dunne (accordion), Jim Henry (spoken word / archival recording provided with kind permission of the Henry family), Ailis Ni Ríain (prepared piano)

cling(ing) like fire by composer filmmaker Ultan O’Brien

Performers: Ultan O’Brien (fiddle, viola and electronics), Eoghan Ó Ceannabháin (voice and concertina), Paul Roe (clarinet and bass clarinet), Camilla Houstoun (spoken word), Eimear Walshe (performer) 


No booking required, this event is free.


DAI Hall

Victoria Lane, England, HD1 2QF, United Kingdom