Attrition ж A Musical Tribute to a Lost Generation

21 September 2019 14:30

Farmleigh House

With the kind support of Farmleigh House and The Office of Public Works, Kirkos are proud to present "Attrition ж A Musical Tribute to a Lost Generation".
Set between Farmleigh’s breathtaking ballroom and greenhouse on Saturday September 21st, the afternoon will present a new version of composer Sebastian Adams’ Harry Patch alongside Cross, a new installation piece from composer Robert Coleman. 

Both founding members and directors of Kirkos Ensemble, Sebastian and Robert aim to bring audiences emotional, profound and fun experiences. Going way beyond a typical classical music concert, the audience can expect a Saturday afternoon in beautiful surroundings, with a meditation on the ugliness of war, and moments of wildness, quiet, tranquility, aggression, silence and passion.

Tickets available here.

Artwork by Éna Brennan.


Farmleigh House

Phoenix Park
Dublin 15

Venue Contact Info

01 8155900