Airborne Extended featuring music by Adam McCartney and Anne Cleare

27 October 2019 19:00

Unit 3, James Joyce Street D.1


Airborne Extended

Concert start time 7pm

Alexander Kaiser – The difficulty of crossing a field II (2017)
Hannes Kerschbaumer – (2017)
Adam McCartneyWorld premiere (2019)
Julien Feltrin: high piercing
Ann Cleare I am not a clockmaker either (2009)
Roberta Lazo Valenzuela – P.S.: the key is under the rug II (2018)
Mehmet Ali Uzunselvi – Parallel textures (2018)

The venue is provided by Kirkos Ensemble as part of their Dublin City Council Incubation Scheme

The event is unticketed, with a suggested donation of €10.




Unit 3, James Joyce Street D.1

Dubin 1

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