SPECTRUM Festival 2019: Brian Irvine Ensemble

8 March 2019 20:00

The Button Factory

Brian Irvine, conductor
Roman Mints, violin
Matthew Bourne, piano
Julie Kjaer, alto sax/ flute
James Alsopp,sax/ clarinet
Richard Mawhinney, saxophone
David Liddell, trombone
Phil Smyth, bass guitar
Bill Campbell , guitar
Steve Davis, drums/ percussion
Andrew Lavery, drums/ percussion
Brian Irvine's visceral, boundary busting 13 piece ensemble create a special type of music - music that effortlessly mutates elements of contemporary classical, improvisation, theatre, thrash, cartoonary and ensemble playing in manner that screams irreverence, joy and virtuosity!
Think a mutant cocktail of Zappa and Icebreaker, Han Bennink and the Instant Composers Pool, with a heavy dollop of Beefheart, Ornette Coleman and John Zorn. They have performed all over the world to widespread critical acclaim headlining at some of the world’s leading festivals.

The Button Factory

Curved Street, Temple Bar
Dublin 2

Venue Contact Info

01 6709202