RTÉ Contempo Quartet premiere Andrew Hamilton work

11 October 2018 18:00

Limerick City Gallery of Art

Swan Hennessy: String Quartet no. 1, Op 46 in G minor (20')
Andrew Hamilton: f (world premiere, new RTÉ commission) (12’)     
Brahms: String Quartet no 1, Op 51, no 1 in C minor (30’)
Andrew Hamilton on his new work:
Sometimes when writing a piece you find the piece has no intention of doing what you want.  I had a very clear idea of how I wanted this quartet to be when I began but the music refused to play along.  I had remembered a song that had appeared fully formed in my head around seven years ago while walking in the hills of South Armagh and had great plans to throw every compositional trick at it but the song kept deciding to slow itself down, focus in on the sound and become more and more direct. Ultimately I had to drop my grand ideas and the final work is in essence that intense experience of seven years ago stretched out and investigated.

Limerick City Gallery of Art

Pery Square

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