Victor Lazzarini

(b. 1969)

I feel my work as a composer is continuous with my other activities, such as jazz performance, teaching and, especially, research. I like to think that the boundaries between these are blurred and that there is a cross-pollination that drives my enthusiasm for composing (as well as playing, teaching, thinking...). I realise my work as much as my work realises me: rotas opera tenet arepo sator.

Victor Lazzarini was born in Londrina, southern Brazil. He is a Senior Lecturer in Music at the NUI Maynooth, and a composer. He graduated from the Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP), Brazil, where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Music, specialising in Music Compositon. In 1996, he completed his doctorate at the University of Nottingham, concentrating on electroacoustic and computer music.

Awards received include an Honour Mention for his orchestral piece Anima Mea, in Brazil (1995); the Heyman Research Scholarship, for his doctorate research; the Hallward Composition Prize, for his Magnificat (1996); the NUI New Researcher Award (2000) for his work at NUI Maynooth; and the IMRO/AIC International Composition Prize for Dance of the Dawn (2006).

Among his recent publications are The Audio Programming Book (with R. Boulanger, MIT Press, 2010) and the CD Voices Inside (FarPoint Recordings, 2009). Currently, he coordinates postgraduate and research activities at the Department of Music and leads the Sound and Digital Music Technology Research Group at NUI Maynooth. His musical interests also include jazz composition and performance.