Neil Quigley

(b. 1990)
Ben Weissman


Neil is an Artist and Performer based between Ireland and Scotland. He has studied in both the US and Europe, in areas ranging from Music Technology and Composition to Installation Art to Video Game design to Ethnomusicology. He is in the band Physique with the composer Sam Scranton. He runs the record label Miúin.
His current work focuses in part on examining skeuomorphic audio design, the divination of objects (in particular Rhabdomancy) in late-stage capitalism and how it relates to historical divination, sonic representations of space both real and virtual, and the interpersonal politics of the musical workspace. His recent work has been released on Amalgam Records (US), Miúin (Irl), Destiny Trax (US), The Department of Energy (Irl) and Moot Tapes (Irl).