Adam McCartney

(b. 1987)

I was born in Limerick in 1987. After completing a BMus at UCC, I moved to Austria in 2010 to study under Klaus Lang at the music university in Graz. Along the way I became quite interested it minimal aesthetics and works that explore musical space through relatively strict formal schemes. Also in using free and open-source software to typeset musical scores and generate musical structures.

In terms of sounding material, I've written a bunch of works that I think are best described as "poly-modal". Meaning, I try to build up harmonic and melodic complexity through the combination of simple modal elements.

After graduating with a masters in composition in 2013, I worked as a freelance composer and was lucky enough to work with some really great musicians. These include: Longleash (a piano trio), Klangforum Wien, Crash Ensemble, the National Symphony Orchestra of Irelandairborne extended, and ensemble platypus

In addition to working as a composer, I've had a number of different day jobs. These include piano tuning, lecturing and most recently computer programming. Since about 2021 I've been working full time as a programmer in Vienna.