CMC Choral Catalogue: Mixed Choir Repertoire

The catalogue for mixed choir is the first in a series of curated choral catalogues drawn from CMC's collection.

Aimed at offering guidance to choral directors, teachers and singers in search of new repertoire, the catalogue is curated by composer Rhona Clarke. 

All of the works listed are supplied by CMC and can be ordered direct or for purchase online by licensed download, except where other publisher details are outlined.

When asked by the CMC to curate a catalogue of choral music by Irish Composers, my first instinct was to include a title by a large number of composers who have a body of works for this genre. Almost all of the composers included here have written at least three pieces for SATB choir, a capella or with one or two instruments. 

In looking at the body of choral music by Irish composers born since the 1930s, it is clear that there are differences in styles, not only from one composer to another, but invariably, even within the body of work of a single composer. While just a single piece by each is selected for this catalogue, in finding a composer whose work appeals to them, it is hoped that the choral director will look beyond this and delve into the greater body of work in the CMC library.   

- Rhona Clarke

Download the catalogue here