CMC Vocal Catalogue

A vocal catalogue of works for all voice types with piano accompaniment. Compiled to showcase the breadth of advanced music for voice written by composers from the island of Ireland that is housed in CMC’s unique collection, CMC’s Vocal Catalogue was curated by CMC inaugural Scholar-in-Residence and DCU PhD candidate (Irish Research Council) Orla Shannon.

In curating this catalogue, I have drawn on my own performance experience to categorise each work by specific voice type, sensitively considering the suitability of range, timbre, and tessitura. Each entry is accompanied by a short commentary containing information on tempo, metre, range, text, and duration, as well as more subjective suggestions and observations from the performer’s perspective. Where available, I have also included premiere and background information collated from CMC Ireland’s archive of ephemera to offer additional contextual detail. These notes aim to aid singers and teachers in their selection process by providing insights into the various musical nuances of each work. This catalogue’s selected repertoire is representative of the greater body of vocal works housed at CMC Ireland. It is hoped that through it the performer will explore this vast collection and find further repertoire to challenge and excite both singers and audiences alike.

- Orla Shannon

Download the catalogue here.