amplify #70 - Ulysses Journey 2022 in Budapest and Paris

A special episode recorded last month in Budapest and Paris featuring conversations with some of the artists and people behind CMC’s Ulysses Journey 2022 project. The episode includes contributions from Katalin Koltai, Benjamin Dwyer, Elizabeth Hilliard, Greg Caffrey, Nora Hickey M’Sichili, Daragh Black Hynes and Linda O’Shea Farren.

Show Notes


Recordings performed by Katalin Koltai taken from concert on 15 June 2022 at Budapest Music Centre (BMC), recorded by Andras Kegl (BMC)

  • Gráinne Mulvey - Soft Morning City!
  • Benjamin Dwyer - Hommage á Ligeti
  • Greg Caffrey - The Private Consciousness of Molly Bloom (with Elizabeth Hilliard (soprano)
  • Daragh Black Hynes - Proteus

Cover photo: Andrea Felvegi

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