amplify #50 - interviews with Elaine Agnew and Eoghan Desmond for City of Derry International Choir Festival

Episode 50 of CMC's podcast 'amplify' features a special episode produced for the 2021 City of Derry International Choir Festival. Jonathan Grimes and Evonne Ferguson speak to Elaine Agnew and Eoghan Desmond, two of the Irish composers whose work is programmed in this year's festival.

Show notes


Eoghan Desmond

Elaine Agnew

  • I am a Miracle (European Union Chamber Orchestra, St Colman’s College Choir, conductor Elaine Agnew)
  • The God of Rain (RTÉ Cór na nÓg, Mary Amond O’Brien)
  • Remarkable (Remarkable Voices, Codetta, Ulster Orchestra, Donal Doherty)
  • Child Within (Cantairí Óga Átha Cliath, Bernie Sherlock)
  • Turnabout (Belfast Philharmonic Youth Choir and Belfast Philharmonic Chamber Choir, Lynsey Callaghan)
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