amplify #102 - Future Music Panel Live @ Music Current Festival 2024

A special live episode of amplify which was recorded at this year's Music Current Festival panel discussion presented in partnership with the Contemporary Music Centre. The panel was chaired by CMC's Director, Evonne Ferguson.

Show Notes

"Here, four composers, academics, researchers and media artists share insights into their personal practices, working methods, compositional techniques, rationale, and the strategies they use to approach compositional problems, and how technology might inform future music developments."

Source: Music Current Festival - Future Music

João Pedro Oliveira (PRT), composer

Amanda Feery (IRL), composer

Lara Gallagher (IRL), composer

Eryk Salvaggio (USA), researcher, new media artist


In order of appearance in the episode:

Daniel McDermott Bezier Lines (2024) - performed by Dublin Sound Lab

Amanda Feery Hireth (2024) - performed by The Black Page Orchestra

Lara Gallagher Leap of Foals (2024) - performed by lovemusic collective

John McLachlan Qualia I (2024) - performed by Dublin Sound Lab

Fergal Dowling Total Harmonic Distortion (2024) - performed by Dublin Sound Lab

All music featured in this episode was recorded live at Music Current 2024 at the Project Arts Centre.

Episode credits

Editing: Keith Fennell
Recording: Garrett Sholdice

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