Achill Suite

Achill Suite cover

‘Achill Suite’ contains a number of solo piano works by composer/pianist Brent Parker.

The John Gibson Collection

The John Gibson Collection cover

The John Gibson Collection features some previously recorded works alongside new works performed by the composer, Zephiro, Ruxandra Colan-Petcu and the Crawford Piano Trio.

Songs and Chamber Music

Songs and Chamber Music cover

A selection of the songs and chamber music of senior Irish composer, James Wilson.

Mad Sweeney’s Shadow

Mad Sweeney’s Shadow cover

In the Irish epic, ‘Buile Suibhne’ (Mad Sweeney) Christian and pagan cultures clash.

Inside Story

Inside Story cover

Described as ‘…one of the few contemporary composers whose work genuinely lifts your spirits’, these three works by Hellawell - two concertos and a string quartet - span the 1990s.

Rapid Eye Movements

Rapid Eye Movements cover

These early works by Roger Doyle (b. 1949) were written between 1968 and 1980 and originally issued on vinyl.

In Blue Sea or Sky

In Blue Sea or Sky cover

Harpist Cliona Doris from Northern Ireland is active both as a soloist and a chamber musician.

Classical Ireland

Classical Ireland cover

A delightful compilation album of popular Irish orchestral music performed by the National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland, the Irish Chamber Orchestra, the RTE Philharmonic Choir and others.

Judith and Holofernes

Judith and Holofernes cover

John Gibson’s chamber opera tells the Old Testament story of Judith, who led the Jewish nation against the mighty Assyrian army of Holofernes.

Contemporary Music from Ireland, Volume Two

Contemporary Music from Ireland, Volume Two cover

Volume Two in a series of promotional CDs issued without charge by the Contemporary Music Centre to provide a stimulating introduction to the work of Irish composers.

Child's Play

Child's Play cover

Composer/performer Greg Caffrey’s instrumental group, Greg Caffrey Circle, explores the theme of children at play in these pieces for clarinet, guitar and drums.

Reflections in the Water

Reflections in the Water cover

Pianist and composer John Gibson's music is lyrical and expressive.