The Relief of Derry Symphony

The Relief of Derry Symphony cover

Commissioned by Derry City Council to celebrate the Tercentenary of the Siege of Derry.

The Pilgrim

The Pilgrim cover

'Shall I take my little black currach over the broad-breasted glorious ocean? O King of the bright kingdom, shall I go of my own choice upon the sea?'.


Babel cover

This five-CD boxed set is Doyle's magnum opus to date, released to mark his fiftieth birthday.

Gerald Barry: Nua Nós

Gerald Barry: Nua Nós cover

Gerald Barry's music has been described as 'the most exciting, most sheerly intense new music...for a long, long time'.

Under the Green Time

Under the Green Time cover

Roger Doyle's Under the Green Time: 'An image of Ireland without the sweet Celtic wrapping, an ancient, hard Ireland, a kind of musical archaeology.' This programme of acoustic, electro-acoustic an

Sound Carvings

Sound Carvings cover

Piers Hellawell has integrated ideas from Irish traditional music and Balinese Gamelan music into a very individual musical style.

Trimble: Songs and music for two pianos

Trimble: Songs and music for two pianos cover

'Joan Trimble's music is natural and fluent, devoid of contrivance or sentimentality'.

Kinsella: Symphonies

Kinsella: Symphonies cover

The National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland, conducted by Proinnsías Ó Duinn, plays Kinsella's Symphony No. 3: Joie de Vivre, and Symphony No. 4: The Four Provinces.

Buckley: Organ Concerto / Symphony No. 1

Buckley: Organ Concerto / Symphony No. 1 cover

Peter Sweeney is the soloist with conductor Colman Pearce and the National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland in this recording of John Buckley's Concerto for Organ and Orchestra, commissioned in 1991 f

Martin: Orchestral Music

Martin: Orchestral Music cover

Philip Martin performs his Second Piano Concerto and Andreja Malir, for whom it was written, performs the Harp Concerto.

Boydell: Orchestral Music

Boydell: Orchestral Music cover

Four major works from Brian Boydell, one of Ireland's leading composers of the twentieth century: In Memoriam Mahatma Gandhi; Violin Concerto; Masai Mara Op. 87 and Megalithic Ritual Dances.

Mass of Mercy and Compassion

Mass of Mercy and Compassion cover

This CD contains works written by John Gibson between 1977 and 1999.