Mostly Me! worksheets

A series of five worksheets by Elaine Agnew devised as part of a project in 2014 commissioned by Wicklow County Council under the Per Cent for Art Scheme on behalf of Music Generation Wicklow. The project was produced and managed by the Contemporary Music Centre. 
Elaine Agnew on the project:
Mostly Me! consists of two percussion pieces and three songs composed for and featuring 1st, 2nd and 3rd class children from three schools in County Wicklow: St Laurence O‘Toole National School, Newtownmountkennedy National School and St Brigid‘s National School respectively. Mostly Me! involved a quartet of Music Generation tutors: Ela-Evelina Jinau (flute), Eimear Saunders (Oboe), Eamon Sweeney (Guitar) and Sinéad Finegan (Violin), and was accompanied by Anthony Norton (Choral Assistant). Over a three-month period I facilitated three sets of workshops making one visit per month to the three schools. It was obvious from my first visit how they would be involved in the final performance. The 2nd class with Music Generation Tutor Sinéad Finegan were already competent with percussion, whilst the smaller numbers and slightly older age-group in Music Generation Tutor Eimear Saunders‘s 3rd class lent themselves to playing chime bars. The 1st class with Music Generation Tutor Niall Cloak were a little too young to perform with percussion so they created the words for the three songs and joined the other two classes to form the choir.“
  • Worksheet 1 Untuned Percussion: Make your own
  • Worksheet 2 Untuned Percussion Piece: How we did it in Mostly Me! Worksheet 3 Chime Bars (Tuned Percussion): Make your own
  • Worksheet 4 Chime Bar Piece (Tuned Percussion): How we did it in Mostly Me! Worksheet 5 Three Songs: Text and Learning Tips 

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