RAMP - Xenia Pestova Bennett - Workshop 3

Deadline: 9 July 2023 11:00

A workshop on the four foundations of mindful awareness

A workshop on the four foundations of mindful awareness (mindfulness of body, thought, feeling and sound) - open to musicians and non-musicians alike.

Pianist, composer and yoga / meditation facilitator Xenia Pestova Bennett will lead participants in a restorative and calming meditation session exploring breathwork and mindful awareness on the site of Annea Lockwood’s "Piano Garden". We will take stock of sensations, thoughts, feelings and sounds around us to gain a deeper connection with the present moment. We will expand our sensory palette through the external environment and contemplate our space and place in nature through the breath. There will also be an opportunity to play and listen to the buried piano as part of the installation. No prior experience with meditation, breathwork or yoga is necessary.

RAMP is delighted to announce a programme of workshops supported by the Contemporary Music Centre.  These workshops are designed for musicians and non-musicians alike to explore experimental music practices, including improvisation, sound-making and mindful awareness. 

Composers from the island of Ireland may apply to CMC for travel bursaries to attend the RAMP workshops. Please note, these bursaries are intended to cover travel within the island of Ireland. Proof of your workshop booking will be required. Contact info@cmc.ie for more information.