‘The Pregnant Box’, a new series of mini-operas by Evangelia Rigaki will be premiered on 26 September

Evangelia Rigaki

The operas for one audience member, singer and flautist in a confession box and choir continues Dublin-based Greek composer Evangelia Rigaki’s collaboration with poet W.N. Herbert.

Taking place at Front Square, Trinity College Dublin on 26 September from 5–9pm, The Pregnant Box translates a woman’s narrative of concealing pregnancy into a piece of musical theatre and is the result of a collaboration between Rigaki and Dr Catherine Conlon at the School of Social Work and Social Policy. The operas draw inspiration from research by Dr Conlon into women who conceal pregnancy in contemporary Ireland with the libretto by W.N. Herbert drawing from one of the original interviews.

Each of the operas lasts between 1–3 minutes and will be performed for one audience member at a time by singer Lore Lixenberg, flautist Joe O’Farell, the Mornington Singers and conductor Orla Flanagan.

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