A piano sonata by Greg Felton will be premiered at the next Kaleidoscope night on 2 March.

Performed by Izumi Kimura, this will be the world premiere of Greg Felton's Piano Sonata No.1 and takes place at the Odessa Club on Tuesday 2 March as part of the March Kaleidoscope night.

Kimura will play the sonata again in Newpark Music Centre as part of a faculty series on Sunday 18 April, 12 noon, together with Greg Felton and Cormac O'Brien (double bass)

The Greg Felton Trio (Greg Felton, piano and composition, Cormac O'Brien, double bass and Sean Carpio, drums) will be playing on Tuesday 9 March in the Garter Lane Arts Centre as part of Waterford New Music Week. The Trio, plus Swiss singer Isa Wiss, feature live on the JK Ensemble on RTE on National Music Day, Friday 16 April.